Drop Off Your Blessings for Badges Donations at DSPFCU

Food donations in box in kitchen background
DSPFCU is proud to be a collection site for donations to the upcoming 2nd Annual Blessings for Badges Thanksgiving Day event. While many are home watching football and spending time with their families, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, correctional officers, and other first responders will be working, protecting our communities. The idea for the Blessings for Badges initiative to provide a meal for the first responders who are on duty for Thanksgiving Day was conceived as a way to give back to those who provide for so many on a daily basis. This Thanksgiving, Blessings for Badges plans to feed some 375 first responders, who will be working and won’t be able to have a meal with their family. Look for collection boxes at DSPFCU branches to drop off food and other supplies by November 25th!