Share Certificates

Want to earn more money from your savings? Find out how.

Share certificates are the certificates of deposit of the credit union world. They earn you a higher rate of return since you’re guaranteeing your money will remain in the account for a certain period of time. We offer three different types of share certificates.

Regular Share Certificates

These certificates are granted with an initial deposit of at least $500 for a term of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 48 or 60 months. Unlike other institutions, we allow you to withdraw dividends as you earn them, without penalty, on the first day of every month. You can withdraw your base funds when they mature or roll them over into a new certificate. The funds can be used to secure a credit union loan at any time.

Jumbo Share Certificates

These certificates are similar to our regular certificates. The difference is that they require a balance of at least $25,000. As such, the dividend rates are considerably higher.

IRA Share Certificates

These certificates allow you to invest your traditional or Roth IRA fund to earn a higher rate than our IRA savings accounts. They are available as both regular and jumbo certificates.

Earn-More Potential

Certificates with maturities at 24 months or longer are eligible for a one-time step up in their dividend rates if the market rate increases during their terms.

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