Money Market Accounts

Looking for high dividends with the convenience of a checking account? Our money market accounts are the answer.

If you want to earn higher dividends than you do on your share savings, and still access your money like you can with your checking account, our money market account is a good choice for you. This account allows you to earn a very competitive yield as long as you maintain a minimum daily balance of $5,000.

When your account reaches $25,000 you will earn an even higher dividend rate. Once your account reaches $100,000 or more, you will earn a premium yield. Balances below $5,000 will earn the yield paid on a regular share savings account.

Additional benefits of this account include:

  • Convenient access to your funds by phone, in person or by check
  • Withdrawal allowance of three per month, at a $500 minimum per transaction
  • Confidence of insured deposits up to $250,000

You can make deposits by mail, payroll deduction, direct deposit or transfer from another credit union account. Check your balance online or through TOPS at your convenience.


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