Club Savings Accounts

Our club savings products help you budget the easy way.

Put the money in the account and forget about it. Then you’ll have it just when you need it. Make an initial deposit to open your club savings account and then add more funds by check, cash deposit, payroll deduction or automatic transfer. You will earn dividends monthly.

Holiday Club

These accounts are specifically for holiday savings. You can open your account at any time during the year and have your balance deposited in your share savings account in mid-October, right before the holiday season starts.

Special Club

These are our anytime club accounts to use for those big expenses that can occur throughout the year. For example, you can save for a vacation or a wedding or stash some extra money away for when tuition payments come due. You can open your account at any time and request disbursement in the form cash, check or transfer.
Note: Your club accounts are federally insured to at least up to $250,000 by NCUA and an additional $250,000 by American Share Insurance Company.

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