How to Take a Test Drive

Before you consider test-driving a car, look through a magazine like Car and Driver or Motor Trend to get a good sense of what appeals to you. Then check the annual automobile issue of ConsumerReports or Consumer Guide for reliability, frequency of repairs and safety data on your favorites. Only then, when you have balanced style against practicality, is it time to test drive the possibilities.
Once you've done some preliminary research, see if the car has what you need in these categories: power, room, safety features, ease of entry and exit, local parts and service, and a solid warranty.

Then be on the lookout for excessive wind or engine noise, heavy or imprecise steering, poor gas mileage, sloppy fit (trim, molding, etc.), unreadable instruments and clumsy controls or levers.

You’ll also want to consider whether the car fits your lifestyle. Will your luggage fit in the trunk? Are there enough seats for those you will transport on a regular basis?
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