Skip a Pay Voucher

Take a break from your next loan payment!* This voucher, along with

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Skip-A-Pay Voucher

Take a break from your next loan payment!*  This voucher, along with a $35.00 fee, gives you the opportunity to skip one or more of your Personal or Auto loan payments as long as your loan is current.  Real estate secured loans, Business Loans, and VISA credit cards are not eligible for Skip-A-Pay.

(NOTE: Vouchers cannot be used in consecutive months)

You may deduct $35.00 for each loan skipped from my (check one)

*To be eligible for a skipped payment, members must be in good standing with a minimum share balance of $5.00. Skipped payments will not be considered for any member who is currently delinquent or has a history of delinquency over the last year. The payment will be deferred & extended to the end of the original term of the loan(s). Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance(s) during this period. The next payment will be due on the regularly scheduled due date the following month. All other terms & provisions of the original loan agreement are unchanged. A member may skip only 2 payments in the course of a 12-month period, once between January 1 & June 30 and once between July 1 & December 31. There is a minimum of 90 days in between skips payments & a maximum of 4 skip payments allowed over the life of the loan. No Skip-A-Payment will be approved during the first 6 months of any loan. Members must complete a written form for a skipped payment. Approvals will be based on whether the member has met the Credit Union’s eligibility criteria. The Delaware State Police FCU reserves the right to refuse any Skip-A-Pay request.