Fee Schedule

Stop Payment check or ACH, Wire Transfer Domestic

List of Fees

Effective November 1, 2020

Returned Deposit Item  $25
Stop Payment (all items including ACH $30
NSF Fee (item paid or returned $30
Outgoing Wire Fee Domestic $25
Outgoing Wire Fee International $30
Copy of Check $3.50
Counter Checks for Third Party $3
Inactivity Fee (12 months no activity) $10 (per month)
Research Fee $20
Statement Copy $1 (per page)
Return Statement Fee $10
Lost Credit/Debit Card $25 (first replacement is free)
Expedited Delivery $35 (additional)
ATM Foreign Card Fee $2.50
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee $5
Closed Account Fee  $5 (if open less than 6 months)
Escheatment Fee $100
Garnishment Fee $125
Legal Process Fee $125