Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Simplify your life by using direct deposit to add funds to your accounts.

For your convenience, we offer both direct deposit and payroll deduction. These services allow you to manage your credit union accounts without entering a Delaware State Police FCU branch. We will automatically deposit your employer paycheck, Social Security check or retirement benefit check to your account. From there you can set up automatic deposits to your savings or make scheduled loan and bill payments.

With direct deposit and payroll deduction, you never have to worry getting to a branch to deposit your check or forgetting to make a payment!

To participate in Direct Deposit:

  • Provide your employer with our name and our routing number: 231176567, and the amount of your paycheck that you would like sent to Delaware State Police Federal Credit Union each pay period.
  • You must check with your employer before submitting this request. Allow 2-4 weeks for processing. If you are signing up for Direct Deposit into a new account, you must make an initial deposit (minimum $5.00) with your new account application.

Once you've established Direct Deposit through your employer, you can sign up for Payroll Deduction with the credit union.


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