Federal law prohibits the use of US payment systems for restricted transactions involving unlawful Internet gambling.

Restricted transaction means any of the following transactions or transmittals involving any credit, funds, instrument, or proceeds that the Act prohibits any person engaged in the business of betting or wagering (which does not include the activities of a financial transaction provider, or any interactive computer service or telecommunications service) from knowingly accepting, in connection with the participation of another person in unlawful Internet gambling—


(1) Credit, or the proceeds of credit,

extended to or on behalf of such other

person (including credit extended

through the use of a credit card);


(2) An electronic fund transfer, or

funds transmitted by or through a

money transmitting business, or the

proceeds of an electronic fund transfer

or money transmitting service, from or

on behalf of such other person; or


(3) Any check, draft, or similar instrument

that is drawn by or on behalf

of such other person and is drawn on or

payable at or through any financial institution.”

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