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Car Buying Tips

  1. GET A LOAN AT DSP FCU; as low as 2%APR, no payment for 45 days
  2. Shop near the end of the month. Dealers need to meet quotas and are more willing to negotiate pricing.
  3. INever act too excited about a particular make and model. If the salesperson thinks you’ve already decided, he or she is less likely to offer you discounts.
  4. Always test-drive. Just because a car looks good on paper doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy driving it. Do some highway driving as well as driving on other roads.
  5. Come to the credit union and get preapproved for a loan. You’ll feel less pressured and know how much you can afford.
  6. Contact Motor Vehicle Certification Program for free help with vehicle information and pricing. Call 1-800-345-6827 and mention you’re a credit union member, or visit www.mvcp.com.

*APR = annual percentage rate

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