About Us

Delaware State Police Federal Credit Union was organized in 1960 to help members of the Delaware State Police save money on financial services. Today, the credit union serves members of the police protection community in Delaware, and select counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Our History

As a tight-knit group of peers, we worked hard to get a better deal on savings and loans, true to the credit union philosophy of people helping people. We still hold true to those ideals today as a quality institution serving the police protection industry, and we remain a community of peers, with a distinct field of membership. Find out how to join.

Who We Are

We are a cooperative, owned by our members.
What does that mean? All of our revenue after expenses goes right back into the credit union to improve products and services, which benefits you — the member. As a federally chartered credit union, we are regulated and insured by the National Credit Union Administration, an independent federal agency.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the credit union is to provide quality service to the membership. This service must meet the financial needs of the members while maintaining a financially stable organization that adheres to generally accepted credit union operating standards.

Our Board

The board of directors is elected from among the membership during annual elections, with results announced at our meeting of the members. Our current board consists of nine directors, an executive committee and a supervisory committee.

Board Members 2012

Jeffrey Weaver, Chairman
Philip N. Strohm, Jr., Vice Chairman
Antonio Williams, Secretary
Gerald L. Reynolds
Nicole Oldham
Donna L. Newth-Showell
Blaine Daisey
Robert Gouge
Ronnie Gaines

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