How to Avoid ATM fees

It’s all about planning ahead

$1.50 here. $2.50 there. ATM surcharges keep rising. Your financial institution and the institution that owns the ATM you’re using may charge you for the transaction. Does it seem like you’re wasting good money? Well, you are! We can help – we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help you avoid ATM fees.
  1. If you have a VISA CheckCard, use it any place you can! Don’t spend your cash at restaurants, department stores and other places that take VISA. The money will come right out of your checking account.
  2. Budget your money throughout the month so you make fewer ATM withdrawals.
  3. Access surcharge-free ATMs.
  4. Use the cash back option at grocery stores, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, CVS and others.
  5. Avoid ATMs in hotels, casinos, restaurants, and similar locations. They usually have high surcharges.
  6. Consider using traveler’s checks, personal checks, and credit cards instead of ATMs when traveling.

Here’s another tip: Use TOPS, our 24-hour audio response system, for FREE balance inquiries. When you get your account balance at an ATM, it may cost you!

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