Home Equity Loans

Own a home currently? Consider a home equity loan.

This type of loan lets you borrow against your home’s equity to finance for lots of needs, including home improvements, college tuition, wedding expenses and bill consolidation.
An appraisal is required, so we can determine your home’s value and compare it to your current mortgage balance. You will also be responsible for title search, flood zone certification and filing fees. In exchange, we will provide you with a very competitive loan rate and excellent terms.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

This closed-end loan lets you borrow against up to 100% of your equity for a term up to 180 months. It’s perfect for expenses that occur all at once.

Variable Rate Home Equity Loans

This revolving line of credit lets you borrow several smaller sums periodically and repay as you go. You can borrow up to 100% of your equity for a variety of terms.

Credit Disability Insurance and Credit Life Insurance

Credit Disability insurance and Credit Life insurance are available to all borrowers, with coverage of up to $75,000. Disability insurance pays out beginning on the 31st day of disability. Life insurance covers the loan should the member become deceased.

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