TOPS Bank-by-Phone

Today is the day to try our phone system.

You can bank from anywhere 24 hours a day using any telephone. Verify payments and deposits, check balances, manage loans and more. TOPS will speedily and efficiently provide you with the most up-to-date technology the credit union has to offer.

To access TOPS, follow the instructions below. If you have more than one account at the credit union, and would like access to both accounts without having to dial TOPS twice, contact us for the documentation required to get it set up.

  1. Dial 1-800-288-1080 and press one for TOPS.
  2. Listen to the recorded message completely.
  3. Press one for the main menu of services.
  4. Enter your credit union account number. If this is your first call to TOPS, you will need to enter your Social Security number and then choose a security number.
  5. Enter your security number to connect to your account.

Changing the Navigation Mode

You can navigate TOPS via two different modes. Menu mode lets you respond to the prompts to get your account information. Expert mode lets you enter service codes and could save you some time. The system default is menu mode. Follow the instructions below to change to expert mode:
  1. Connect to your TOPS account, as above.
  2. Press seven for additional options.
  3. Press one for the change preference menu.
  4. Press two for the change expert/menu mode option.

TOPS Expert Mode Service Codes

Balance Inquiries
11 Savings Balance
12 Checking Balance
13 Share Balance
14 Loan Balance
15 Share List
16 Loan List
History Inquiries
21 Share History
22 Deposit History
23 Payroll History
24 ACH History
25 ATM History
26 Last Deposit
27 Last Payroll Deposit
28 Loan History
29 Loan Payment History
31 Savings to Checking
32 Checking to Savings
33 Share to Share
34 Savings to Loan
35 Checking to Loan
36 Share to Loan
41 Savings
42 Checking
43 Share
Checking Information
12 Checking Balance
52 Check Number Inquiry
53 Check Number Range
54 Checking History
Loan Information
13 Loan Balance
62 Loan Payment Inquiry
63 Loan Payoff Amount
Additional Options
91 Change Access Code
92 Change Expert/Menu Mode
93 Change Language
94 Change Transaction Count List
95 Go To New Account
98 Help
99 End Call
Transaction Codes
01 Savings
25 Escrow Account
10 Checking
26 Club 40
20 Christmas Club
29 Money Market

To make loan transactions, have your loan number ready. You can find it on your latest statement. Due to the numerous loans available and the variety of promotions available, we are unable to list all loan expert codes here.

Give TOPS a try. We know you'll like it!

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